KS PromoI know that Kickstarter is a bit of an odd duck, and I wanted to lay out how the Kickstarter campaign works.

This is a fundraising campaign to finance the creation, production, and shipping of Teaching Ted books and merchandise. You are pre-purchasing these things as a backer, so that I know how much stuff to produce. For example, it’s smarter for me to publish a larger number of books, but I don’t want to print 250 books to find out that 50 books would sell – or that 500 books would sell. Either would be bad. Kickstarter allows me to know exactly how many pieces of each thing to order.

Why not just sell things as print on demand? Well, I considered it, but I can’t do any of the ‘extras’ that I wanted to do (like the swag bag) with print on demand. The other benefit is that, hopefully, just being on Kickstarter gives the strip more visibility and helps it find a larger audience.

If you sign up to back the project, but it fails to meet its goal, you are not charged. The project is just canceled. I set it up so that the time and energy investment are justified. If it fails, there are two options…

If it had generated little interest, I will probably wait on a print edition. I may need to wait to see when/if the strip garners a larger following.

If it had generated some interest but didn’t fund, I will probably release a book as print on demand that people can order if and when they so choose.

Thanks for considering backing this project!